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[PC] The Good ol' Ever Present Stutter Issue

This has been a recurring issue for quite a few games, the game will at random freeze for split second before continuing. And while in singleplayer the world freezes with you, in multiplayer it cause significant time loss and even crashes as when you unfreeze, your car is teleported backwards in an instant, possibly right in front of someone else.
In our league this issue was observed on multiple PCs with varying hardware, up to users with 8700k and/or GTX 1080, as well as on multiple game graphics settings, from low to ultra. It seems to be present more at more decorated tracks, like Hockeneheim and Monaco, however, issues persisted at Hungary, among others.

Apart from altering graphics settings, the following steps were attempted with no successful fix:
- changing Vsync options on and off
- NVidia adaptive sync attempted
- Fullscreen/Windowed/Borderless attempted
- No AI to cause CPU load
- Nvidia Shader Cache is off with NV_Cache files cleared
- GameBarPresenceWriter.exe disabled
- CPU load under maximum / not overloaded

Solutions not yet attempted:
- Audio Upload Rate adjustment
- Disabling any secondary monitors

Any further suggestions/ideas highly appreciated
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