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F1 2018 PS4 Glitch ??????????????

I have been having a problem since I loaded the F1 2018 game, I use a Ferrari F1Thrustmaster T300 wheel, I did reload F1 2017 but it didn't seem to happen on that, then what happens, after a few corners in a Grand Prix the MFD panel flickers between the brake bias and the diff and then the screen freezes on the Share screen, if you zero it back to the game the steering is shot and will not steer properly, the only way this will resolve itself is to press the PlayStation button and go into preferences then click on Calibration, once in this screen you don't do anything apart from zero back out and into the game and then it resolves itself, however this only lasts for a while before it does it again, 3 times it happened in a GP the other day but never happens in Time Trial, its getting a bit frustrating now, has anyone experienced this and if so have you got and answer please? Thank you                       
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