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I don't understand the logic of when DRS is available and if it even makes a difference.  I've had it as an option when I'm 4 seconds in the lead or 4 seconds behind and sometimes it doesn't pop up at all.  Has anyone else noticed this?


  • WongYewXuanWongYewXuan Member New Car Smell
    did u count it when you cross the detection point?
    and in qualy you always get it
  • ZykloZyklo Member New Car Smell
    You get DRS in qualy all the time.
    You get DRS in sprint race when you are within one second behind in detection point.
    No DRS in grid start (except single race multiple laps).
    DRS makes a difference when you have a lot of aero in R&D.
    But i have to admit that the activation points on some tracks is way off.
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