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More Classic Cars

I know it’s too late for Dirt Rally 2, but here is a list of cars I would really love to see:

Datsun 1600SSS
Toyota Celica 1600 GT
Saab 96
Opel Ascona 400
Volvo 142

Some of those brands are notoriously difficult to work with, or outright impossible (Volvo) but Opel is already in Dirt Rally, and the Ascona is a classic of the golden age.

More Classic Cars 8 votes

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  • KingOfCoinsKingOfCoins Member Champion
    The Ascona is already in DIRT4 so I think it's very possible that it will be in DiRT Rally 2.0
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  • DreamyGhostZDreamyGhostZ Member New Car Smell
    Datsun would hit like a bomb. Older Celicas, Gr.B RX-7 and Supra too. I do approve some more classics since we won't be getting up-to-date WRC machines.
  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    Why do not imagine a dedicated DLC "Classic cars" for Dirt Rally 2.0, with 5 .. 8 new cars and a dedicated league/leaderboard/events ? The DLC format (with a participation to development cost from the community) hopefully allows to expect/make qualitative work in that regard.  And we certainly can wait one year for such a complement...

  • Hesnik1012Hesnik1012 Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2018
    The volvo 240 would be great as well. But a 142 and Saab 96 would be great as we have sweeden in dirt rally 1 and dirt 4, we should have sweedish cars
  • tomsonn60tomsonn60 Member New Car Smell
    edited December 2018
    Volvo 142  i love see that too:  [Subway Surfers](https://subwaysurfers.vip/) [Psiphon](https://psiphon.vip/) [Hill Climb Racing](https://hillclimbracing.vip/):) :) :) :) :) :) :) D <3  
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