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F1 2018 causes BSOD on launch

Hi, after updating my game to 1.15 I can no longer play the game.

When I go to play it the exe opens, enter full-screen mode and shortly after (before the loading cutscene) I get a Blue Screen of Death with a reported error with the win32kbase.sys file. I've followed online guidance on how to solve this type of BSOD with no improvement, verified game data via steam and re-installed the game but I still get the same issue.

Platform: Windows 10 (1809) PC (Steam)
F1 version: 2018 (1.15)
CPU: Ryzen 1600X
GPU: GTX 1060 (6GB)

I've checked and the game doesn't create a crash dump. Happy to provide any other details which might be helpful in resolving this issue.


  • Kaltern75Kaltern75 Member New Car Smell
    I am also experiencing exactly the same issue suddenly.
    i7 4970k
    GTX 1080
    16GB RAM
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    Microsoft runtimes missing seems to be the culprit.

    Back the game up in Steam, then delete it and restore from backup. A first launch will repair the MS runtimes.

    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
  • KrisRogoKrisRogo Member New Car Smell
    Thanks, steviejay69, this worked sort off... I can now load the game and start playing it but then I get a BSOD about 5-10 minutes in, still, no crash_dump is generated (I presume the game has no time to do that since the error is at the os level). At least I can now to 2 laps of a circuit now, but I would rather be able to finish my season of 50% races...
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    Are you getting any unusual heat build up or heavy fan / no fans?
    Do the usual, update motherboard BIOS and load setup defaults before proceeding. Remove any CPU OC and memory at stock timings.
    Test memory with Memtest, single stick at a time before dual channel.
    Use manufacturer utility on SSD to check health and firmware or use HDD diagnostic
    Probably DDU and latest Nvidia driver.
    Clean reinstall from MCT. Just the one update tomorrow.....at least you have the backup to reinstall the game.

    Various degrees of pain there, add only drivers that are missing once W10 is installed. Add only Steam before testing, introduce other softwares incrementally.

    Good luck.
    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
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