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COS - PS4 f1 league - need drivers for our new tier 3, Monday 10pm uk, short qualifying 50% races

COSF1racingCOSF1racing Member New Car Smell
edited December 2018 in F1 Games - Leagues
We are expanding to 3 tiers, so looking for plenty of drivers, most assists can be used, but ers is set to manual and pit assists are off. The new tier will run Mondays 10pm UK time, all abilities welcome, pace can improve just you need a good connection. 
Races will be live streamed with commentary, if your interested reply with your psn name below and I'll reply to it when I can.

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  • TheMillsysTheMillsys Member New Car Smell
    If you guys are still looking for anyone I'd be very interested, "The_Millsys" 
  • Kibson111Kibson111 Member New Car Smell
    PSN - Kibson111, looking for a drive if any are still free
  • vitinhoh1108vitinhoh1108 Member New Car Smell
    If you still have places ..My psn is:Vitinhoh1108
  • RSthrillerRSthriller Member New Car Smell
    hey there im interested if possible psn id naya159
  • DjoksiDjoksi Member New Car Smell
    Hello I'm interested 
    Psn: Dzordz1991
    Team: 1.Ferrari, Red Bull, 3.Mclaren
    I would like to join im nayas friend. PSN id KHAN_RACER
  • DutcakFilipDutcakFilip Member New Car Smell
    PSN - FilipTEM123
    Looking for a drive if any spots still available
  • MatturDADDYMatturDADDY Member New Car Smell
    Would like to join, PSN is Matt_ur_Daddy
  • stanneman184stanneman184 Member New Car Smell
    I would like to join my psn is Stanneman184
  • briggsy500briggsy500 Member New Car Smell
    My PSN Name is Briggsy500 if you are still looking for members
  • paddyjamiepaddyjamie Member New Car Smell
    PSN - Evil-ution1985 I’m interested in running in this league
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