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[Xbox One][Career][Pit Teleport] Teammate Backwards in Pits - Teleported My Car with Terminal Damage

billybob38billybob38 Member New Car Smell
Ferrari, Season 2 of Career, Xbox One

While running a 25% race at Azerbaijan, my teammate (Kimi) pitted from the lead on lap 4, while I was running 4th, set to pit the following lap. I got the normal "Kimi is in the pits" message from Jeff, then halfway around the lap I got the same "Kimi is in the pits" message again. Strange.
When I came in at the end of lap 5, Kimi was sitting backwards next to the pit box. Even though the mechanics changed my tires flawlessly, upon release I was teleported sideways down the pit lane and back again, causing terminal damage that couldn't be undone with a flashback.

I've seen video of this kind of glitch before, but it's the first time I have experienced it, personally.
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