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PS4 Multiplayer and TT checking privileges problem...

Hi all,
I have very interesting problem and whatever I have done I could not solve the my problem.
I am using PS4. I have a good internet connection. When I try to enter multiplayer mode in Formula 1 2018, the game says NO NETWORK CONNECTION Please make sure you are signed in and your network is OK.
My connection is good, my network is good, I have signed in PSN. I have faced this problem only in this game.
After then, I disconnected my internet connection. Then I tried to enter Time Trial mode. This time I could enter the mode. Whenever I try to enter TT mode when I have an internet connection I see only that on the upper-left screen checking privileges and see no network connection.
I think my console or my game or console's operating system can not go through when I have an internet conncection.
(While these happens, I can play another multiplayer game, I can enter PS store etc.)

So, is there any solution for my problem?
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