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Overheating Tires

GramiscelhiGramiscelhi Member New Car Smell
edited December 2018 in F1 Games - Setups
I always have problem with tracks that use hyper soft tires it's super soft, my tires always overheat, I've tried everything from various riding style settings but they always overheat and lose performance.
Does anyone have any tips to help me with this problem?
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  • jrod22145jrod22145 Member Unleaded
    Run less camber, run less toe, reduce tire pressures, soften ARBs, and go a little slower through the high speed corners i.e. 4-7 at COTA and the long sweeping double right before the last two corners...I've used COTA as an example because I just did a career mode 50% race , ai level 105, cockpit cam, with Toro Rosso...season one with only like 1 tire wear upgrade I was able to do a 1 stop using the two softest compounds by using these techniques
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