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Instant setup adjustment in racing games!

 I think this has been done in games before, but setting up cars should be easy, quick and showing the effect fast. This is a video game, and taking advantage of the medium to speed up setting up the car would be great. So, while in the paddock in F1 say, or any racing game, you drive out and select testing. Testing during Time Trial for example would allow you to setup up the car by selecting a testing option. The car drives out and whenever you pause, it brings up a quick setup menu over the screen. From here you can make adjustment to the setup and quickly jump back into the car after a short countdown. The adjustments can be made on-the-fly, almost real-time. This way you can feel changes right away. Saves time, effort. I'd like to see this in all racing games personally.

Instant setup adjustment in racing games! 5 votes

I think that sounds cool!
MrDeapTH61haulmarcTbracing007 4 votes
What on earth are you talking about Mark??
Sportsfreund77 1 vote


  • Tbracing007Tbracing007 Member New Car Smell
    I think that sounds cool!
    Your right mark that would be a great way of setting car up cos it can get a bit frustrating having to go back to pits 
  • mumbleshmumblesh Member Unleaded
    feel free to vote! :)

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