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Custom Control XML location? Help Please! HPP pedals

dpmalitodpmalito Member New Car Smell
Hi I was wondering if anyone knows where the xml action map is located for custom controls.  I have HPP3prx pedals and the brake deadZone even at 0 is like half my force used to press the pedal. Want to try negative deadZone value but can’t find the action map.  I literally can’t play this game without finding it and I’ve searched everywhere. Thanks in advance. 
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  • dpmalitodpmalito Member New Car Smell
    Still nothing?  Bump.  If I can’t fix this I’m going to request a refund. Someone HAS to know where the file is.....
  • dpmalitodpmalito Member New Car Smell
    So I contacted codemasters and their response was “search the forum.”   What a horrible experience this has been.  No help here. No help from codemasters. Game refund requested. 
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