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Beautiful track, tip of the hat to anyone who can finish with contacting a wall

There are turns I can't make at low speed even with maximum steering input?


  • jessier1986jessier1986 Member New Car Smell
    It’s an easy track with practice mate, stick with it you’ll get better!!! My best is 1:09
  • WongYewXuanWongYewXuan Member New Car Smell
    its a known glitch around monaco that your steering sensitivity goes to -10 for no reason at the start of the race going up st devote
    not sure about the rest of the corners though
  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    What is the **** with drivers going straight on after the tunnel and not getting a cut corner penalty!!!  Just happened to me twice
  • Dimon111Dimon111 Member New Car Smell
    Yes, such garbage is. Developers again ****. The readers cut the chicane, they get a penalty but with a penalty they are still faster
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