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Safety car ONLINE needs urgent fix not a half baked effort towards the task

ChromaticChromatic Member, Drivers Co-Driver

As most will already will know there are multiple threads about this on the General discussion part of the forums. I felt it should be highlighted here. The first fix came during the development of F1 2017 (a person will leave the session and would instantly trigger it) Since then in F1 2018 the only way to trigger the safety car to deploy is too drive on the grass while slowing down to let lapped cars through.

When accidents happen some of them do warrant an SC to deploy. I'm not sure how it works, something might be wrong with the trigger or deployment method of it. Maybe if a system was implemented where a certain barrier or wall along the track could trigger it with a high percentage in certain area's low in other's around the circuit it could make the difference

Long story short it's a fix of a fix and it hasn't been done correctly. F1support highlighted what was wrong but nobody at codemasters offered no credible solution's or a workaround exacerbating the situation for fan's who buy their games even further. https://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/315215#Comment_315215

A fix is needed. A proper one. I do it myself if I knew how but I don't. That's how much this game mean's to me.

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