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Steering issues

Please can someone tell me how scale the steering to 75% to match what's on screen and match the rotation settings to make 1:1.  What do I need to adjust and where please, any help would be appreciated.
Thank you all


  • MaxKingtapeMaxKingtape Member New Car Smell
    Hello mate. To match the rotation of the wheel in the game you need to put the setting at "0"
    to access it lets say from the garage, you need to click on "option" button or "wet" button to make the pause menu appear. from there it is:
    -controls, vibration & force feedback
    -controls, vibration & force feedback
    -you click on your wheel
    -use paddle shift  and go to calibration
    -Steering Saturation is the one you want to put at "0" if you want to match the wheel in the game. The more you raise the more the steering wheel turn quicker than the car in the game.

    after you're done you click "back" 

    -Save as new control scheme

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