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Game improvements suggestions

Just wanted a place to suggest some improvements to the games where there could hopefully be less moaning, hopefully some back and forth to make this game as good as it appears to have the potential to be!
Please be gracious and give a reason if you think something, sweeping statements very rarely help a developer make an improvement.


  • HamwillHamwill Member New Car Smell
    First thing I'd like to suggest would be a simple colour change to player names of those in your party when driving - it's very enjoyable to see what your friends are doing ahead in the pack and talk/boast together. This change would make seeing them a lot easier.
    e.g. teammates names are blue, party members names are green.
  • HamwillHamwill Member New Car Smell
    Second would be the ability for players to open crates without having to back out of a party.
    It can be quite time consuming to send and receive multiple game invites when you're playing with 5 or 6 other people. If you could open them between games whilst partied up too, it also gives non-lead players something engaging to do between games while the leader sets up.
  • HamwillHamwill Member New Car Smell
    This leads into the ability for players in a party to be allowed full access to their own customisation options whilst partied too. There's very little for people to do other than wait for a game at present.
  • HamwillHamwill Member New Car Smell
    During ranked play too, one improvement could be when the cars drop in pre-match, couldn't people's rank and level show above them in a small box? Or in any other way?
    This gives us a sense of what we're up against as players prior to the match, increasing excitement or just as a further way to boast outside of cosmetics
  • StefanoCatalanoStefanoCatalano Member New Car Smell
    I'd also like to suggest a skip button at the end of each game, so people don't have to sit through 2 minutes of post-match scores and loot boxes. This can be especially annoying if you're just trying to complete a challenge and need to redo a race over and over. Let us skip this please and thank you
  • StefanoCatalanoStefanoCatalano Member New Car Smell
    Make it so we can change the speaker guy as well. The super low voiced guy is kind of annoying IMO.
    I also set the music volume all the way down because I was getting sick of hearing it. Maybe adding in more music to pick from.
    Oh and make it so we don't have to wait through a replay and pick another vehicle to press start and quit/restart. When I mess up a challenge I want to restart the race ASAP.
  • StefanoCatalanoStefanoCatalano Member New Car Smell
    Here's another setting that should be added: Removing slow-motion crash scenes that turn the camera around the car. Sure its cool, but when I need to know whats in front of me it would be nice not to have the camera do a fancy turn and make me blind during the "race" for 1 second making me crash into a pole, something I could've avoided if the camera didn't turn away from in front of me.
  • DanqazmlpDanqazmlp Member New Car Smell
    Ones I like so far are the skipping of all the post-race gumpf and the showing of rank/name before the match when cars drop. 

    I would also love to be able to look at the previous race's statistics in full after the race. What I mean is to look at the leaderboard for thre the previous race and see who had most takedowns, zone captures etc. If you are mvp or just unlucky .you don't get to see any sort of comparison. For example, I one match I had 14 takedowns and 6 zone captures for my team but we lost overall. Then at the end, neither takedowns or captures got spotlighted. 
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