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F1 2018 A1Ring Sector 3- AI Very Slow

I had a very specific problem

Platform: PC
Version: 1.15
Career Mode 
Ferrari-First season
Race Lenght: %100
AI Level: 95 (legends)
Wheel:  joystick

İn A1 Ring, I'm one second faster than anyone in the last sector (s3) 

S1 and S2 I'm two or three tenths faster than main rival (Vettel,Hamilton,Red Bulls) but S3 is interesting. at least 0.8 second faster each lap. Generally 1 second. I'm using normal ers and normal fuel settings of course.

I check the Grand Prix mode also. Bug still exist.

İn this level I'm slower than AI Bahrain,Bakü,Monaco, may be China Also.    I'm bit faster Melbourne,Spain,Canada,France.  İn championship I'm 10 points behind hamilton.

This is a bug I sure. 1 sector, 1 second faster or slower. Unacceptable.

AI slows down in 3 corners in the last sector. I intentionally passed behind them. And those three corners, they are way slower than expected. so I crashed and broke my front wing.

Please fix it. Thanks


  • aegschumiaegschumi Member New Car Smell
    I check the Grand Prix mode Ultimate AI Level (110)

    I select raikkonen and I have 10th fastest lap time in qualifying. Sector 2 I'm slower 0.8 second. But sector 3 I'm faster than pole sitter Vettel. He has 20.1 in sector time. I have 19.9 

    does anyone else have the same problem?
  • Bono00Bono00 Member Unleaded
    Yes they are too slow in the 3 lasts corners, when you follow them, you can see that.
  • MrApex1623MrApex1623 Member Unleaded
    This is a known thing several people have mentioned including myself... Not that they are going to fix it lol

    @Faya @Turtlemoose ;
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