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Safety rating

It is a very nice thought, but we get points of for contacts with bots that started to spin of in fast
corners and in the most cases you can’t make a thing just to hit them.
Also and that happens almost all the time, they park on apex and we just hit them from behind. And what is the best part, when they are behind you, they tend to brake at least 200 meter later, so we get smashed by them from behind.
That safety ratings should include only user vs user contacts.


  • DragmanBLRDragmanBLR Member New Car Smell
    The rating is good, but for now useless. The AI has remained the same aggressive, constantly arranges blockages, flies into you from behind at full speed, it turns around across the track even when it goes straight. Yes, yes, take off is dangerous to go even in a straight line
  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    I agree that the Safety Rating should be just for contacts (or not) between you and the opponent, because the bot drivers are mental at the moment, there is nothing you can do about them at all.
    Also, I'm guessing that the safety rating will be used when deciding the match up for a duel.  The low rated **** can bash the s**t out of each other and the higher rated ones 'should' get a fair race

    As you say, nice thought but doesn't seem to have been thought through enough
  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    The kamikaze bot's take a lot of the fun out and make it hard to be competitive and maintain the safety rating.  
    Safety rating should not be impacted when rear ended by a bot using your car for braking...
    It's a great game so hopefully the tweaks and improvement swill continue.
  • elimmelelimmel Member New Car Smell
    Safety rating is seriously flawed, amongst other things they broke with each new update. 
    AI contact should be excluded. There’s no way to avoid contact with the crazy AIs for grid and sprints
  • ZykloZyklo Member New Car Smell
    And i don’t know what they done to bots, but Williams and STR are sliding in turns and spinning. When you are close, we can do nothing to avoid contact.
  • WongYewXuanWongYewXuan Member New Car Smell
    amazing safety rating as well
    perfect qualy race, no corner cuts, etc, MY RATING GOES DOWN 0.2 POINTS. WHUT????????????????????
  • whocaresnotmewhocaresnotme Member New Car Smell
    Lame: how about making it like the real world... if you make contact your car is damaged. If one player takes out another one, the car that made contact is disqualified and automatic win for the other. The safety system is a joke as your rating goes down if bots hit you. This is super lazy coding. 
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