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easiest fix ever

i dont get why they just cant make every car a ghost.
it would solve EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM other than corner cutting
it would solve dumb AI, dirty drivers, etc etc


  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    then the game would be called F1 Qualifying 
  • jessier1986jessier1986 Member New Car Smell
    This is a some what new game to Mobile guys I’m sure all will be worked out in time I mean it’s only on its second update 
  • WongYewXuanWongYewXuan Member New Car Smell
    f1 qualy still better than this whole game 

  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    This is my first racing game on the iPad but think they did an awesome job on the speed, graphics, driveability and driving physics.  Very addictive and a lot of potential to be even more of a simulation.

    As long as the Kamikaze players and randomness of the bot's remain, it is just a game and everyone has the same threat.  I suspect some of the behavoir at least for me is induced by my poor connection speed. I do a lot better in qualifying and single games.

    Nice work Codemasters, looking forward to future improvements.

    Merry Christmas!
  • WongYewXuanWongYewXuan Member New Car Smell
    first time? no wonder lol
    the amount of glitches is insane
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