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DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 21/12/18 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book – 21/12/18 | Codemasters Blog

Well, what an end to 2018! We’ve had a brand new trailer, a live stream (or two!), and now we’re rounding off with a wintry competition to keep you busy during the festive season. Before we get stuck into what you need to do to win yourself a DiRT Rally 2.0 t-shirt, let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve seen of DiRT Rally 2.0 this week…

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  • CakemagicCakemagic Member New Car Smell
    So to clarify, we’re taking screenshots of Dirt Rally 2.0? Or just Dirt Rally? Seeing as the game isn’t released yet we’re a bit limited in the screenshots we can take of DR2.0 ...
  • OjhiltOjhilt Member New Car Smell
    Looking good, still waiting on a pcvr announcement though!
  • soong101soong101 Member New Car Smell
    14. The winner will by chosen by Codemasters and announced on the official verified DiRTgame channels.

    Do you mean https://www.dirtgame.com/? I just like to point out that that site's certificate has been blacklisted for some time now. Current browsers (Chrome, Firefox) won't access it without some trouble.
    So verified, but unmaintained...
  • SlippKidd0129SlippKidd0129 Member New Car Smell
    Ive yet to see an "official" trailer or commercial for 2.0 on any outlet. YouTube has videos titled as official trailers but they absolutely do not look like anything Codemasters would release to the public/press. I know its still some time before release but it would be awesome to see a real trailer especially on a television commercial 
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