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Help: Easiest 2-lap, grid-start set-up for a public demo? (Blackmagic eGPU with MacAir 13")

Hi Everyone,
 - new to the forum, thanks in advance for any help.
I'm running a demo at a tradeshow (CES'19), to show how external GPUs assist low-powered laptops, so that you can work/travel light (i.e. with the MacAir) but have a powerful game set-up at home (when you plug in the Blackmagic eGPU on your desk).
I chose F1 2017 as a test-case for the live demo but playing it, it's very advanced (as it should be for experienced gamers) but very tricky for random newbies coming up to the booth (and me).
Is there a setting / option to have a 2-lap race, from a standing start, and with the car restaring quickly after crashes (and not be out / forced to pits)?
Cheers, Steve.


  • jessier1986jessier1986 Member New Car Smell
    Ate you talking the console version? This thread is for F1 2018 mobile 
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