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F1 2017 Manual starts not working

F1 2017, 1.13, Steam on linux, Logitech G920 controller
I have seen several reports about manual starts not working, but I have never seen a resolution posted.
This post seems the closest to what I am seeing:

I'm not positive that is exactly the same as my problem, in the video linked in that post the car seems to start to move, I can never get my car to launch at all with manual starts.
Same kind of report on the Steam forums:

My upshift paddle is working, I had no problems in practice with gear shifts, but practice has assisted pit release so never noticed that launch did not work. When I get to a race I hold the upshift, rev up, release the upshift, and the car doesn't launch.  It does not go into anti-stall, the engine revs up and down, it is like the clutch is engaged and won't release.  I had traction control set to medium while I was learning, so I changed to off but did not make a difference. I thought maybe the dual use of upshift and clutch had problems with my G920 or this version of F1 2017, so I changed clutch to a different button not mapped to any other control, still could not start.  I got tired of not being able to race so changed to assisted start for now, but that is a lame work around.  I also saw another post that implied some online races could force you into manual start, someone was complaining that they joined an online race and hit the same problem of not being able to start and got black flagged.

Any solution to this floating around that was just never posted on the forums for some reason? 


  • potatomaverickpotatomaverick Member New Car Smell
    On a hunch I commented out all of the classic clutch and manual transmission section in actionmaps/feral_action_map_preset_win.xml (I'm playing on linux, that is the Feral port equivalent of action_map_preset_win.xml), and that solved the problem with manual starts.  Probably the "Clutch Classic" mapping was confusing the double mapping of clutch release for sequential transmission with the upshift button.

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