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Grid Start in F1 Mobile

Why does my car fail to move off the line in EVERY grid start even when PERFECT starts are achieved? Seems to be a problem several players are having and is getting to the point that I simply exit the game and don’t bother with the grid starts because my car ends up at least .8 of second off the pace at the end of a short straight. In one race, on a long straight start, I achieved a perfect start and my opponent finished the straight in 1st and I ended up in 11th without a single incident. Still managed to set a lap record in that race too and still lose by 7 seconds.
Maybe you can give me a refund on the money I’ve spent on the game since you’re failing to provide a fair game!
Explain the problem and fix it.


  • ZykloZyklo Member New Car Smell
    Yep, my problem exactly. At the end of straights i am 10th to last with every single bot that can’t drive infront of me. And they love to spin and crash...
  • ChrisGrovesMCMChrisGrovesMCM Member Community Manager
    Hey there - we're seeing that some players are experiencing this at the beginning of Grid Start races. We've been investigating this and as soon as we identify a solution, we'll be bringing this to the game ASAP! 
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