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How the hell on earth I lose this race?

İn every sprint race I start 0.5 sec behind. in every clutch race I start wlth perfect start 0.5 wlth good start 1 sec behind. And how dld i lose that race wlth better sector tlmes? Not fair..


  • meterkencimeterkenci Member New Car Smell
    This race I mean...............................
  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    This happens all the time, Ive won a lot of races by being fastest in only 1 sector.  A race doesn't only depend on the time, it includes your cornering skills, overtaking possibilities etc etc

    And yes, you're right about the starts, its a mess.  With the stupid accelerating and braking in sprint and qualifying races my car always seems to break just before the line when I don't have any control.  And don't get me started about the gris starts, thats just a total disaster
  • meterkencimeterkenci Member New Car Smell
    I am not fast only in 1 sector but faster -0.04 sec in whole lap.  İt seems I lose by 0.13 sec That means he started 0.17 sec infront of me.. that is ridicilous and not fair.. 
  • HosickHosick Member New Car Smell
    I hear ya.  I raced in a rolling start race with that accelerating and braking, and the program said "Go" with no response and we both were passed by two backmarkers who blocked us both.  This needs fixing!!!!!!
  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    I've noticed sometimes you have a nice lead but then the gap is significantly reduced at sector transitions, (e.g. a car behind goes from 1.5 sec to 0.3 at the transition). 
  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    edited January 12
    How did this win happen?

    Strange way to win...
  • itsfullofstarsitsfullofstars Member New Car Smell
    Other player either dnf’d or quit the game/app mid-dual. Position shown is irrelevant until times are updated, sometimes they don’t when they quit, or at least that’s what I’ve seen. 
  • MannSGMannSG Member New Car Smell
    I lost against a Hongkonger who was 12th placed and I was the 5th. Terrible.
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