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Dirt Rally ( www.dirtgame.com) Page is not secured ( certificate is valid)

Guys it been over 3 months and we still can't login in to www.dirtgame.com Please guys do something with that. Page is not secured. But certificate is valid. On Google Chrome (Mozilla) the same. But on Microsoft Edge is page secured. I try page on my iPhone but the same result. (This page is not secured).  I want to play in Dirt Rally Leagues or Daily, Weekly Monthly games but I can't. Can you do something ? Why you don't care about Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 too sometimes page is down. I know you doing new game but we still playing Dirt Rally. I want to play Leagues. But game says me that (game can't login me in). I am not only one who have this problem and you doing nothing. I need answer from you. Sorry for my English but I am angry. Its too long waiting.
Here is photo: https://prnt.sc/m13jac


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