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FFB and handling in 2.0

Was hoping to hear something about FFB improvements and handling tweaks that were done for this installment.Reddit forums had some talk about it .CM said , physics benn "pulled apart" so i really hope its not just developers lingo.Still, judging from Jons first Porsche vid, the handling looked "odd" again on tarmac.
There may have been factors ,but it looked way too pivoting and twitchy.No hint of push, understeer.
Now the second vid of the Porsche ,i believe, for me at least holds promise .While its a drift show, it shows that the twitchiness and pivot type movements are mostly gone.He does a good fight with the car ,wether thats due to setup or not , we will see.The slides look real, IMHO.Real life Porsche is a lot more planted , so ill wait til i play it :)
FFB i cant comment on yet ,but just hoping for new and improved feel.


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