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Bye F1 mobile racing

Developers, you built a very good game. Unfortunately, the deficiencies in your coding makes me waste my time due to glaring errors in your game play. I look to a game for relaxation and your game play is too amateurish and frustrating. Your attempts to improve the game have made it more unplayable. It’s too bad. You built a solid platform but failed to improve the game. I did spend some money on the game but feel that compared to other games, money spent on your product was not worth it. You’re major failure is keeping enthusiastic players who reach the higher levels engaged. Once one reaches the highest level, there’s no more opportunity to get credits other than in dribs and drabs or watching ads. Of course one can pay for credits, and I did, but the value is simply not there. Getting rare or epic parts is actually rare. Who cares about standards parts once all of your primary slots are filled with epic or rare parts?


  • alles32alles32 Member New Car Smell
    Must agree. Codemasters do not care, that more and more players are unsatisfied. I want relax during my play time, now your game make me mad.
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