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I stopped playing f1 2018 a while ago and now I’m back to playing it. However, in Japan Gp Quick Race, I was running standard fuel mix and my fuel keep decreasing at a rate of -0.1 per lap. Is this my problem or is this a bug?


  • jrod22145jrod22145 Member Unleaded
    What car are you in? I haven't played many quick races and I usually use Toro Rosso when I do...and haven't really ever had a problem with fuel consumption.  I'm guessing, and this is just a guess, that some cars have better fuel usage than others...I usually change the fuel mix multiple times per lap running rich mix down the long straights and switching to lean for the tight twisty sections and traction zones then using standard for high speed corners and shorter straights...and if I'd pay enough attention when battling the a.i. I could probably get away with using about -1 lap worth of fuel to start on a 50% race around most circuits and still finish in a competitive position on 105 ai difficulty for reference
  • ZachrulezZachrulez Member Wheel Nut
    Yeah fuel efficiency is pretty disappointing in this game now that I think about it. (With and without the upgrades.)
  • peterf1peterf1 Member Unleaded
    I am learning that when I get the message from Jeff to burn up some excess fuel, to only go half way with it and leave a lap free as the car runs out before the race without running on lean for 5 laps or so.
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Never had an issue on 100% races. Someone will have to help as its been a while, but one of the practice programs is straight broken, its either the fuel one or the race pace one (I'm leaning race pace) where if you are running in Lean to save engine but still making the times in the program, your fuel is adjusted based on that.

    I remember a race where I had to restart and choose the maximum amount of fuel they would give me and still had to run lean and lift and coast as much as possible, just to finish the race. Very frustrating.

    The two time, 2016/2018 F1 Beta testing Champion of the World.
  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    no, that's realism. It varies from car to car and from track to track. 
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