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Race starts using wheel (F1 2018)

Hi There,

I have looked to see if this has been mentioned before but cant find it.  I've recently converted from pad to wheel (G29) and am pretty happy with how it gone, the one thing im still struggling with is starts.

I have TC off and manual gears, i keep the revs low and try to get traction off the line, moving through the gears fairly fast. Clearly this is wrong as im losing 3/4 positions per start (70 difficulty) thing is, if i pin the throttle I just veer to the side uncontrollably.  

Does anyone have any tips for how to get slightly better?




  • jrod22145jrod22145 Member Unleaded
    I’ve been holding at about 11000 rpms and not rushing your way thru the gears...it’s taken me a lot of practice but usually the tires catch about halfway thru 2nd then I bump up to rich mix after I shift to third...I find if you shift up too fast you bog down and get a poor run of the line
  • USPBauer24USPBauer24 Member Wheel Nut
    Put your  fuel mix into lean for the start then put it up when you are in third gear.

    Don't floor the pedal either until about fourth gear.
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