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Missed opportunity

I think this game is amazing, but I also think this game is such a missed opportunity 

Until this game was free on Ps+, I didn't know it existed. At all. Now that might not be a massive issue for many but I frequent a lot of gaming news websites and subscribe to a monthly gaming magazine. For it to not even be on my radar is just a massive missed opportunity. 

I have so much fun on this game. Its great stress relief and for a driving based game ia actually quite relaxing (I get quite into other driving sims so find them less relaxing). I honestly think, even though it is a bit rough around the edges with network issues and sometimes odd collision detection, this is a bloody fantastic game. Unfortunately, because nobody knows about it, the main part of it which is the online part will only have a very short lifespan and I doubt we will ever see a similat game again. 

Let me just say again how much I like this game. I even find graphically, with dynamic wrather, day/night and the sheer number of effects/vehicles going on at once, I have never had any slowdown. So technically it seems like a very solid game too. 

Another point is that due to the lack of knowledge of the game for many people .there doesn't seem to be any sort of community which would be crucial for this game. 

Tldr: amazing game, shame nobody knows about it. 
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