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[PS4] [Ver:1.15] [Championship Mode] [Weather / Tyre Bug]. Unable to use dry tyres in practice.

rh205rh205 Member New Car Smell

I have two problems in offline championship mode:

1) Championship weekend structure settings not being remembered between weekends.
2) As a result a tyre bug occurs where dry tyres become unavailable in practice if qualifying is wet.

Every time I complete a race weekend in offline championship mode it reverts back to one shot qualifying and 5 lap race for the next weekend despite having been changed to 1 long practice session (90 mins), full qualifying and 50% race before the previous weekends practice session. This is causing a tyre selection bug to occur where if the next one shot qualifying is wet and I change to 1 long practice session which is dry then practice mode will load instead of qualifying but I am unable to use dry tyres and wet tyres are fitted as default upon loading.

You can see the tyre bug in the image provided in this link: https://imgur.com/pWVXX5l

The image also shows that the track and weather is dry and therefore dry tyres should be the correct tyre to use.
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