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Qualification mode bug

Hi there everyone, 

don't understand how I start 0.5 behind my competitor in many qualification mode races. That's not fair, I've never been able to win this way, and today it happened twice. 
Any possible reasons? 



  • elimmelelimmel Member New Car Smell
    They’ll say it’s connection issues. I’ve been more than a sec behind before so it’s quite a common bug
  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 8
    Its to do with the really stupid braking and accelerating the happens before the GO.  Until that point we have no control over anything. So what 'should' happen is that we hit the GO moment at the same time and same controlled speed, after that its up to us and our R&D setup.  It really needs sorting.  Apparently there is an update coming soon, lets see if they actually listen to the people who play/pay their games.  I will wait and see  :/
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  • enricolococoenricolococo Member New Car Smell
    thanks guys, this sucks. Now I knew that some people are using tricks to win races, thinking about quitting 
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