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Fanatec csl elite wheel for ps4

hi does the fanatic csl elite wheel and pedals now work properly with dirt rally as ive read users were having issues with the game not saving wheel settings and you were having to bind all the buttons each time you wanted to play the game ? also will the csl be fully compatable with dirt 2.0 ? and lastly at the moment I use a Logitech g29 and have some really good ff settings for different stage type like tarmac gravel etc I'm looking at getting the csl but its a lot of money will I notice much improved more realistic force feedback with the fanatic wheel as some say the notchy gear driven system of the g29 is better wen using on dirt rally ?? any help on this much appreciated I also play gt sport F1 project cars  2 but mostly dirt rally ive done over 6000 miles on dirt rally !! thankyou .


  • cjl9cjl9 Member Pit Crew
    There's a reason for punctuation.                
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