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Anyone else struggle with starts?

i am 4 years into my career mode now, play with a controller, have tried varying the revs, playing with engine modes, I find it impossible to launch quicker than the car next to me. In 3 seasons not once have I beat the car next to me. Only way I can do it is to reduce the AI, but then the race is too easy. I know you will say get a wheel, but you shouldn’t have too, you should be able to play it with the controller!


  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    edited January 10
    Do you run assists? Even medium traction control will impeed you greatly. Try using no TC at the start, practice not being too hard on the trottle then once you are away add TC back in settings. You don't need to be perfect to get away with the AI with no assists just smooth.
    If not assisted then test the controller, make sure the power input/output is working correctly. You can do this in the game settings too. Test the throttle and brake just to be sure.
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  • ZachrulezZachrulez Member Wheel Nut
    Full traction control will massively handicap you on starts. Medium TC is probably the easiest to get a huge launch off of since you don't need to deal with the wheel spin to any degree like you have to without TC at all.
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