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Multiplayer super speed hack [F1 2018]

RevansensRevansens Member New Car Smell
Hey folks!
I wanna share this clip with you.
There is a player named [removed] or [removed] that use super speed hack
In fact he has top records on Time Trial, but i guess it's not fair to the true drivers..
We tried to kick him out every race, if doesnt work we used to disable his car in race.
I already written on steam support
could you help me Codemasters?

[Edit: Faya - removed names and link]
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  • FayaFaya Member admin

    Hi there,

    I’ve removed the names and link from your post as naming and shaming is against the forum rules. In future, please report the player via the relevant platforms reporting system for anyone that you think is cheating. Many thanks,

  • RevansensRevansens Member New Car Smell
    what a joke this forum then             
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