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PC F1 2018 Audio : No more car sound since patch 1.15

GaroukoGarouko Member New Car Smell
Since the new patch i don't have any sound from cars ... I can still hear jeff (Hurray ...) But ... ONLY him when I start a race... (Carrer, grand prix or anything) I tried every sound option possible but nothing. Game not muted (obvisously because i can still hear jeff), car sound is activate but when launching a race, just after the race strategy, there's a slight "sound jump" (like when you're connecting a jack) and f1 cars became silent as hell. Does someone have an idea on how to find a solution ? Thanks a lot :')
I have also tried a file verification but it didn't bring any solution

Platform : PC/ Steam
Game version : 1.15
Game mode : Any 
Accesories : Ps4 controller

This is the first time i've got this kind of problem, and it appeared right after completing the 1.15 patch
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