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New Xbox League Needs Drivers!

ApophisxF1ApophisxF1 Member, Drivers New Car Smell
Yo, I've decided to give running my own league a shot, hence I am looking for drivers of all abilities to sign up to the Mobius F1 League.  Im hoping for it to be a good mix of serious competitive racing with some light hearted friendly banter.  Aiming to get up and running for March so if your looking to try something new, have some clean and fun racing and maybe make some friends along the way, get in touch either here or message me on Xbox GT - Apophis I 85 I. I hope to here from some of you soon. Cheers :)


  • Migetboy23Migetboy23 Member New Car Smell
    hi i would love to race in your league, my xbox gamertag: Migetboy23
    two questions through 
    1: what time and day 
    2: what is the racing calendar 
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