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All my bugs

- delayed start in grid start
- starting sprint race in Monaco on 7th position i overtake opponent on the 6th, starting at position 6th, been overtaken by opponent all just after GO signal
- starting Abu Dhabi sprint race we collide in last corner before start-finish straight, sometimes opponent on the lower position (inside line) is spinned
- starting Abu Dhabi qualy, game controls my car though the whole first sector, sometimes even to the hairpin (turn 7) leading to first DRS straight

DRS zones:
- Germany - first DRS zone moved to the start-finish straight
- France - first DRS zone starts way sooner (between turns 6 and 7)
- France - second DRS zone is in the same straight (Mistral) starting at turn 9...it should be at start-finish straight
- Brasil - start-finish DRS zone starts at SC line a bit sooner than the DRS line is
- Mexico - no second DRS zone between turns 3 and 4
- Australia - no DRS zone between turns 2 and 3
- Hungary - no DRS zone between turns 2 and 3

- very aggressive AI
- AI infront slows way sooner and parks on apex
- AI behind, they overshoot the breaking points, smashing in me
- AI side by side, sometimes turn in the corners as i am not there, pushing me out of track (resulting in spin, DNF or cutting track penalty)
- AI can't corner - that one is really weird, they just get oversteer mostly, sliding out and then back accros the track, why they even do that?????
- AI hit each other on straights and corners - fighting hard resulting in crashes...mostly no way to avoid crash if i am right behind them
- last chicane in Canada can be driven almost straight through without breaking (some cut on the right hander, some cut on the left hander...)
- qualy in Mexico gives sometimes aditional 20 cars
- best times are always getting erased and if there are some, they show some weird numbers like Brazil 11:42,000
- quick tapping on screen (manual acceleration) does not result in any action of the engine (but the pedal can be seen on screen), only longer press (up to one second) is noted. This technique helped me in long slow turns to maintain certain speed, not after last update.

- i think that qualy and spint race should start with DRS open on straights with DRS
- when opponent is behind i get his position and time in marker, even if he is several cars behind and i don't get the closest car info there so i don't know that there is some AI really close (i drive air box overhead camera...maybe showing reflection in mirrors would also help even if i am way up...i can't see mirrors at all when cockpit camera is used)
- teams - add a friend and forming a team, collecting points and maybe share R&D (maybe not in single race, just in team race) for credits, maybe competing in races together
- Safety ratings - they tend to go up and down with large amounts (more than 1 whole point sometimes). They should reflect long term average behaviour, more races, more rating, lower the amount that can change after one **** race
- ability to do time trail ghost mode against the best lap times (another race mode, or even for events)


  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    Good comprehensive list!  

    Game has a lot of potential if the bot frustration level can be reduced.
  • TH61TH61 Member New Car Smell
    Another thing to add to the list is the really crazy braking and accelerating before a sprint/qualifying race.  I ALWAYS brake just before the line off and of course that is totally out of our control
  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    Anyone else noticing Sprint races with instant big changes in gaps at the sector 3 transition?
    e.g. car behind 3.5 sec suddenly is only .5 sec behind or passes at warp speed just a second later.

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