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Help shape F1® Mobile Racing's future by filling out a quick survey!

Hey F1® Mobile Racing team! Hope we've all had a great week :blush: 

F1® Mobile Racing has been out in the big wide world for a few months now, which has given us time to assess the feedback we're getting from you all. It's fantastic to see everyone getting stuck into the game. Each piece of feedback we receive is appreciated and we're doing everything we can address everyone's comments. Which leads me nicely onto this...

We want to hear from all F1MR players through our 2019 survey! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/F1MobileRacing 

Here, you can give us your thoughts on all aspects of the game, tell us what you're liking and disliking, and suggest what new content you'd like to see in the future. Now I knowwww that the prospect of a survey doesn't sound that exciting, but it won't take long at all to fill out. Plus, your input will genuinely help shape the future of F1® Mobile Racing, as we'll use the feedback to ensure our focus is in the right places. 

Thank you for all your support and feedback so far, but as we like to keep saying: this is only the beginning...



  • itsfullofstarsitsfullofstars Member New Car Smell
    Gave you an ear full. If just half of it is implemented, I’ll probably play again, otherwise delete and get another developer’s F1 licensed game. Or give up on F1 mobile games all together. Your move. 
  • slaytonslayton Member New Car Smell
    I'm sure my answers are similar to most you will receive and high on the list is not more stickers.
  • ColinobeColinobe Member New Car Smell
    edited January 14
    The title is completely wrong? Guys you should have named it F1 mobile look behind you, Absolutely completely impossible to have a decent race on this game, one-on-one qualifying absolutely fine.

    But the moment you have a grid start challenge or a rolling start challenge It could well and truly be over before you turn into the first corner.

    This game is in need of fine re-tuning “BIG TIME” or it’s a complete waste of time, the game has great potential. Once your survey has been completed hopefully you will have all the answers to make some major changes needed far too many for me to list far too many. But one word in particular springs to mind very frustrating at the best of times.
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