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New bug

Every race I finish, no matter how poorly I place results in a "new personal best" message. What?? Even if I get bogged in the sand and lose 15 seconds getting back on track, it's still the fastest lap I've ever done. They must have a spreadsheet of annoying bugs they tick off each day.


  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    I'm getting the same thing after deleting and reloading the app.

    Got my first black screen last night after a series of heat seeking AI's crashing into me.

  • slaytonslayton Member New Car Smell
    That's exactly what I did. Deleted and downloaded again. Also the black screen thing. How does this company release a gold master with so many problems? Doesn't anybody actually test it? Pay me for two hours and I'll write them a list.
  • elimmelelimmel Member New Car Smell
    Black screen happens when a contact is hard enough. Toggle camera to get out of it. 
    Definitely another irritating bug 
  • StKnowhereStKnowhere Member New Car Smell
    I've  had a couple of 1:1 duels where a a bunch of ghost AI appear initially on top of each other, makes it hard to se the track.  It's hilarious when they start crashing into each other and running off track.
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