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Colin McRae Rally For Android and iOS

justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion
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Codemasters’ first Colin McRae Rally game launched way back in 1998. That original game gave players the chance to experience that famous ‘if in doubt, flat out’ attitude that made Colin McRae such a legend in the sport. Our partnership with Colin helped turn millions of fans into living-room-Rally-champions, and left a legacy that continues through our off-road DiRT franchise today which keeps Rally and that ‘flat-out’ spirit at its heart.

Over the last 15 years, Codemasters has become synonymous with setting the standard for off-road games. Since then, we’ve developed Rally and off-road games for major gaming platforms across the world, and we couldn’t have imagined the on-going success of these games and the passion from our fans for these titles way back when that first game launched.

Today we’re excited to announce an exciting new milestone for Codemasters – we’re bringing that classic Colin McRae Rally experience to a new generation of gamers and devices with the release of Colin McRae Rally for iOS. This is our first Rally game for these platforms, and we wanted to make tackling every turn and jump of the point-to-point courses on your mobile just as satisfying as playing on home consoles, so we went back to those early titles as inspiration to recreate an experience with the soul of the original but much more focused on what was at the core of the series, Stage Rally.

The game features cars and tracks that originally appeared in Colin McRae 2.0, the second game in the series. In this new version of Colin McRae Rally you’ll be able to compete on 30 stages over 130 Kilometres as you go flat out through the dirt and the dust of the Australian outback, take on dramatic climbs through the mountains of Greece and get sideways on the tight and twisty tarmac of Corsica.

It was a lot of fun bringing classics like the Subaru Impreza, Lancia Stratos and Colin McRae’s Ford Focus to life on these small screen devices. To do them justice, we’ve worked hard to make sure that the physics and car handling systems let you feel the wheels gripping and slipping on different surfaces like gravel and asphalt. It’s these systems that power the core of the gameplay, or more simply, the fun.

To help you navigate each stage, we’ve preserved legendary Rally co-driver Nicky Grist’s original pace notes, and his voice recordings too. Add to that Game Centre achievements and leaderboards, retina support, both touch and tilt controls and we believe this is the perfect bite-sized Colin McRae experience for you and your iOS and Android device

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  • nfsking2000nfsking2000 Member New Car Smell
    Played it on Android. Very good game.
  • BigOLErosBigOLEros Member New Car Smell

    whether there will be ported Dirt ?

  • FulaquioFulaquio Member New Car Smell
    Just downloaded and something seems not to be right. I raced several times the Australian AND Greek series, won it, and the game still tells me I got 2nd place - not letting me unlock and use the SUBARU model. please take a look at the pics.  :\




  • JozefSkubinJozefSkubin Member New Car Smell
    How did you solve it?
    I started in Australia as a beginner. How many times I need to race first stage befor can unlock next one. Noting change, and I'm always the winner. 
  • monkey2001monkey2001 Member New Car Smell
    I've also completed the Australia series (1&2) several times, finishing in 1st place, and yet the next series won't unlock. Does anyone know what to do about this?
  • chrisso88chrisso88 Member New Car Smell
    Same here, must have finished the Australia intro series in 1st place 3 times now, and still the Subaru won't unlock. Paid 4 bucks for this app and only get 6 races in a Ford Focus?? RIP OFF!
    Fix this issue asap please!!
  • greta123greta123 Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2017
    Hello fellas, i had played that game on android, the game is awesome, but had some problems about slow game play, maybe its because of my devise (generally, my device gives me headaches :D), but anyway it was fun!!
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  • BrownSusanBrownSusan Member New Car Smell
    Very good game. I Played it on Android device, It's fully entertainment game.
  • apk4downapk4down Member New Car Smell
    very very good game  love it keep it up...
  • apk2downapk2down Member New Car Smell
    it's amazing race game for gamers realy good
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