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F1XL - Formula 1 Xbox Leagues - Season 5

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Formula 1 Xbox Leagues (F1XL) invite you to race in our F1 League.

F1XL is a fun, competitive place to race. We have a large amount of guys who race with us and who know how to have a good laugh and banter at the right times. We made a new site on April 22nd in 2013 and we are fast approaching 25 thousand website hits which we see as phenomenal.

F1XL is growing more and more by the days and its getting to the point where we need to publicly advertise the league to get that extra bit of interested so we can add in more leagues. We currently have 3 leagues that are full with the 16 drivers that codemasters allow in a lobby and we have some reserve drivers also... its come to the point where we can see the leagues potential and to make it grow even more and we can only do that by getting in more drivers. We even have 3 sponsors. Custom Controllers UK, Kontrolfreek and Jmods

We are currently about to start season 5 at the end of April and we have a few unique things we do here at F1XL that separates us from any other league.

We have:

:Sunday night 10PM races
:50% races with quali
:Saturday night 9PM Free Practice session 1 and Sunday night 9PM Free Practice session 2
:Quick car setups (NO Using custom setups or tweaking a quick car setup)
:Prizes to give out for the end of season winner
:An All Star Race midway through every season where the top 8 of each league go into a 100% race and battle it out to see who the best of the best is.
:Team Owners
:Race highlights by a lot of the drivers
:Press conferences
:Very active website and forums
:Randomized race calendar
:And much more which can be seen on the website


F1XL brings a new style of racing and a more realistic feel to it with these unique features and we continue to add new ideas to the constant growing league.

As stated above, this is a quick car setup league meaning absolutely no using of custom setups what so ever. Anyone using a quick car setup will be removed instantly if found guilty. We have had to remove a few people because of this so do not think that you will go unfound if you attempt to do so. Also we have no restrictions to whatever assists you want to use. We feel that assists are there for your own personal preference and its what you feel comfortable with, so we would not restrict anyone from using whatever assists they like.

Ultimately we just want more new faces in so they can experience what F1XL has and see our potential as a league and a community and hopefully stick around with us for more seasons to come. Its all about having fun with playing a game you love and also trying your best to be as competitive as you can and thats exactly what you can achieve with us here at F1XL.

Here is the link to the site again:


If you are interested in signing up for season 5 which we will be looking to start on Sunday the 27th of April then click the Apply to join tab at the top right of the site and fill in the application.

F1XL Staff
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  • thetaffmanthetaffman Member New Car Smell
    Only a couple of weeks left people to sign up, if we get more drivers we may need to open a 4th league of drivers
  • Linds42Linds42 Member New Car Smell
    Still looking for a few more drivers. Season starts 2 weeks today (April 27th). Would be great to have a few more new faces signed up
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