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Fairplay Private Lobby (xbox)

blackMamba99blackMamba99 Member New Car Smell

this is not a league as such, there is no website, no league tables I would just like to get a decent race online with equal players. Fairplay is the most important factor in doing this, open lobbies online are carnage. The next most important thing is that we are all on the same level, I notice when I see some leagues out there that the same person wins over and over again, its the same online in open lobbies so I would suggest if you'd like to take part in this and have some fair racing you would only have to commit to 2 things, fairplay and equal capabilities. for example if you can normally beat legend Ai on primes when they are on options by 2-3 seconds there is no point in racing with us, if you can compete for pole and wins against legend Ai then you would only need one other thing, the ability to fight fair and hard online, no bully boys.  There is no set time for races but all will be welcomed into the private lobby which would be opened everyday. Quite simply if you don't race fair or have a massive advantage over everyone else meaning you win every race we will just stop inviting you. Hope we can get some decent racing through this.

Also due to the carnage that lag causes online we would prefer only European gamers, preferably that can speak English. We prefer a lobby full of green lights not red lights and this also makes for much better racing, unfortunately if you enter the lobby with a red light and cause lag we would remove you from the list sorry but its worth it to get fair, close and hard racing.

maybe it could get made into a league in the future but to start with we just want a decent lobby full of good competitive fair gamers.

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