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Boom Tanks! Out Now

justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion

Do you like booming things? Do you like tanks?

Of course you do, you’re a military hero who’s always dreamed of heading into modern warfare and unleashing your rage in armour-plated death machines. That’s totally normal. Well, listen up soldier, it’s a battlefield out there and this is your call of duty -we need you to fire up your iOS device and become part of the gears of war with Boom! Tanks – the new tank game from Codemasters where the booms keep on coming!

Become more than just cannon fodder and take on the role as the world’s greatest tank commander across three epic campaigns – perform desert strikes in North Africa, head to the frozen tundra of syberia and smash your iron fist (well, tank) through France, Germany and other high profile countries in Europe.

On this quest you’ll have access to a world of tanks including the American M1 Abrams, Russian T-8OU, British Challenger and many more of the most desirable war machines that ever headed into a major international flashpoint. We’ve got so many classic and contemporary tanks you’ll be dizzy with excitement.

It’s mission critical that you takedown these high profile targets in a one on one showdown, so we’ll be supporting you with a full team of the best and the brightest who’ll grant you access to cutting edge tank upgrades, new armour, guns and ammunition. Prove your worth on the frontline and we’ll be sending you on optional challenges including Border Skirmishes, Engineering Challenges and issuing Daily Assignments.

As you rise through the ranks you can collect your own steel battalion of tanks, each of which can be customised however you see fit with a wide range of classic camouflages or you can spray on some of our more vibrant paint schemes and send your enemies into a crysis as you roll over the hill.

Best of all soldier, it costs nothing to take command and conquer your foes – you can play now for free and on the go, right now.Make tracks to the App Store and download at the double.


Former DiRT Community Manager, owner of the most bitchin community in the company

Twitter: justbiglee


  • SynGamerSynGamer Member Race Steward
    Will this be coming to android in the near future?
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  • KRTheIcemanKRTheIceman Member Pit Crew
    I loved my M103, I actually got up to the AMX in the 3rd tier I think? Fun game anyway, surprisingly addictive.
  • justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion
    SynGamer said:
    Will this be coming to android in the near future?
    I believe they are looking into one as with all our mobile games but I don't know if thats been set in stone just yet, I'll find out and let you know.

    Former DiRT Community Manager, owner of the most bitchin community in the company

    Twitter: justbiglee

  • HunadHunad Member New Car Smell
    looks very cool!
  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion
    edited March 2015

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