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Dirt 3 steering


Not played games for ages on PC but had to upgrade computer so thought i would by dirt 3 as love rally games especially the original cm rally. But i am trying to play dirt 3 with a steering wheel and i am finding it totally unplayable. The car in rear view mode cannot been driven. I have tried every setting in the game and it makes no difference. And i have played driving games for years in the past so i am no novice.

I must say i am really disappointed with this game and it's unplayable in rear view mode. i just have to move the steering wheel i fraction and the front of the car turns so quick is impossible to predict it.

Has anyone got a fix for this or  have i wasted more money on another racing game.  bonnet view which is okay is not an option for me must be rear view for rallying. 


  • Avenga76Avenga76 Member Wheel Nut
    go to advanced wheel settings and check your steering deadzone are set to 0%, then try playing around with the steering saturation and linearity.

    What degrees do you have your wheel set to? for Dirt 3 I use 400 but maybe go higher if you are finding it too twitchy.

  • EvilsmurfEvilsmurf Member Team Principal

    If you are playing with a steering wheel, don't use rear view (I used rear view with a pad before I got a steering wheel).

    Use bonnet cam or cockpit view with a wheel and it's so much better once you get used to it, a couple hours in either view and you will soon get used to it.

    If you have to use rear view then best advise I can give is plug your game pad back in, their are a few round here use a 360 pad for playing and are faster than a lot of the wheel users.

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  • thompson2009thompson2009 Member New Car Smell
    Thanks for the replies guys will keep trying as i love the game and it looks awesome on my new 24" HD screen.
  • thompson2009thompson2009 Member New Car Smell
    Dont know about the degrees setting about the car handling is the worst i have ever seen to be honest wasted my money. you would think that after all these years making these game they could get the fundamentals right like car handling. ****. 
  • TURBODEVIN19TURBODEVIN19 Member Race Engineer
    There is nothing wrong with the car handling, just use a proper cam instead of the rear cam..

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  • Visceral01Visceral01 Member New Car Smell

    The cars are generally setup to steer with the throttle and wheel. If you're camera view is outside the car it's hard to feel the motions of the car and apply the throttle correctly. Also steering ratios are quick and  responsive. They take some getting used too. 

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