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F1 2015 - Answer Us??????

commando3442commando3442 Member New Car Smell

ive noticed that you, Codemasters are very good at replying to questions when you can wriggle and worm out of something, yet 99% of the question on hear go unanswered. It's really shows how much YOU don't listen to your loyal community. Such a shame, especially when there are few good racing sims coming to consoles next year. Codies, you need to start pulling your fingers out before you loose your fan base completely, or is that the intention, to take all the cash you can and then Cut & Run. If anyone has any feedback on this please join in.
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  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    Do we really need another thread about this? It's pretty clear by now that they're not going to change, and it just makes the forums even more cluttered and less useful to those of us who just want to read about the games.
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  • commando3442commando3442 Member New Car Smell
    With all due respect, your entitled to your opinion and you have the option not to read posts. It's seems you went out your way to make a comment. As for my post, I've only just bought the game, so I had something to say, we live in a free world, right?
  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    With all due respect, your entitled to your opinion and you have the option not to read posts. It's seems you went out your way to make a comment. As for my post, I've only just bought the game, so I had something to say, we live in a free world, right?
    what he means is that there is a gazillion of these sorts of posts already asking for this we don't really need any more as C|M would have to be blind to not notice them. It's just a case of waiting to see how they choose to respond.

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  • ckevinc1ckevinc1 Member Wheel Nut
    It doesn't matter how many posts there are about this codemasters won't respond. Simply because they are only interested in your money after that they couldn't care less. They are probably all in the office laughing at these posts knowing full well that they will con you all again next year.

  • thiagotwlthiagotwl Member New Car Smell

    I sent this, to codemasters:

    Hey guys, how are you?

    I dont know if this is the best point of contact with you, but i will do by here. After all i just want to apologize about my english.

    I dont know how long these email will reach. I would like someone that could change something read it.I just want to express my feelings about the game. I’m a brazilian, but work here in NY. I bought the brazilian version, unfortunately. I will explain why...

    I love F1, i love the game. The new engine is awesome, the graphics are improved. I know the difficult to build a contract with brands and etc.
    But we (players) know when a game isnt finished yet. And F12015 is an example. The game is good, but could be better, what you guys did in F12012 was impressive, and it’s about that we expected more.
    We pay higher to get a good experience, since the game passing by the wheels, pedals, headsets ...
    I will keep trusting in you guys, and i know you have a big team working on that. But a lot of pro-players like me (after all the game is almost a simulator, and i’m your target!) deserve a fill details like:

    - active safety car;
    - red flags;
    - multiplayer (it’s good, but it’s hard to create to, i understand the dificult in the beggining)
    - robotic translation (the voice are the worse, i’m sorry …), also, it’s something wrong with the names, for example: i did the the pole position with Felipe Massa, and the narrator said “Daniel Riccardo”;
    - Radio/voice interaction (it’s only available in a few languages) at brazilian version. I could speak in english (i know, i’m not the huge part of that, that speaks, but why not insert an option, choose languages?).
    - But the worse part was taking out the carrer mode, starting in small teams. I know, your CEO said that this wasnt good enough, that the game reserve something better that you all have. I understand, the feeling of have a bad impression is bigger than a impression of absense. 

    I just want to make clear you all do a great job. But the players arent silly, i repeat, we know when a game wasnt ready to be lauched. I know, you have a market and the money guys that makes pressure in you all. And i could understand a pressure of FOM in a few aspects too. We are not idiots. But remember, i will be the guy that will buy your next game. And for sure i will think two times before do the next purchase.

    I know, and i hope you guys try to develop the best game in the world. And i know that you had fixed a lot of them in a few updated, and i really hope you keep the updates on for a long time.

    I trust in you guys, the game is good, but cleary unfinished.
    I’m sad for now, but still optmist about the future, i will trust you all could change and improve a few stuffs.

    I really really hope this could be readed for someone with power to change something, and not just a intern thanks me for the contact.

    Thiago, a random player who loves the real and the virtual F1.

  • dolphinnassdolphinnass Member New Car Smell
    Hello Codemaster
    in the first place , I find that game F1 2015 and well with your work on the game
    it is determined always better . sometimes a thank you for your efforts .
    but I have one more question:
    why is the multiplayer that joinen friends not without an invitation ?
    each time more friends want to ride the session must be restarted and the host must invite all . could that man nich set up so that until the quali launched a friend can join the game itself ?
    Thanks and regards dolphinnass
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