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GRID Games in Steam

Hello, dear Codemasters developers. Whether you can add all DLC in GRID Autosport Complete Pack in steam ? GRID Autosport Complete in steam does not include the following free (and not free) DLC:
1) GRID Autosport - Demoman Derby Pack
2) GRID Autosport - Black Edition Pack

Grid 2 Reloaded Edition in steam does not include the following free (and not free) DLC:
1) GRID 2 Demolition Derby Pack
2) GRID 2 - Car Unlock Pack

Please, add missing dlc in this GRID Autosport Complete Pack and Grid 2 Reloaded Edition.


  • sjsharp2010sjsharp2010 Member Champion
    The black edition one was  a limited pack so that would never be included as for the others I don't know.

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  • TURBODEVIN19TURBODEVIN19 Member Race Engineer
    Why would the free dlc be a problem?
    And I wouldn't want to get a car unlock pack if I bought a complete edition, ruins the game quiet a bit, and I agree with @sjsharp2010 on the black edition one, it's a limited pack, so no it should not be  included.

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