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F1 Challenge Out Now for Android and iOS

justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion

Featuring officially licensed Formula One cars, stars and teams, you can take on a wide range of different racing challenges and modes including time trials, Duels, Chase the Ace, race events and short Grand Prix challenges with 12 cars on track. As you complete challenges you’ll unlock an in-game collection of Formula One facts and trivia about the cars, teams, tracks and drivers.


Complete over 90 racing events and recreate thrilling moments from the 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ in F1 Challenge.


Take on star drivers in quick-fire challenges inspired by pivotal moments from the 2012 season, plus complete time trials, race events, short GRAND PRIX™ challenges with 12 cars on track and more!


Touch to steer and tap to use K.E.R.S. boost – simple controls for right and left-handed players plus an enhanced top-down view delivers fast FORMULA 1 fun on the go.


Take on star drivers including Scuderia Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ Jenson Button and Lotus F1 Team’s Kimi Räikkönen with every driver and team from the 2012 season represented.


Use slipstreaming to hunt down your opponents, defend or attack with K.E.R.S. and sweep to victory in the racing line on official FORMULA ONE circuits.


Unlock and access an in-game collection of FORMULA ONE facts about cars, teams, tracks, drivers and more!


From Codemasters, the publishers of multi-million selling, award-winning FORMULA 1 videogames, F1 Challenge is officially licensed by Formula One World Championship Limited.

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  • yugin96yugin96 Member Co-Driver
    Now if we could just have 3 lap online multiplayer quick races :P
    I run f1livestrategy, an account tweeting real-time strategy updates during F1 weekends.
  • KeisalexKeisalex Member New Car Smell
    PLEASE CODEMASTERS, make this game supported by the Vero 7" Tablets... PLEASE! If you do it, i can pay even 10 Euros to buy it.
  • TokyoDanTokyoDan Member New Car Smell
    In iPad F1Challenge are 2 steering control schemes in the options but either one seems to do same thing. What's different?
  • FOneFanaticFOneFanatic Member, Drivers Team Principal
    Wow, I didn't even know a mobile game existed for F1 !!!! When I checked the App Store, I found that it cost about $2.99 and passed up on it as I saw no cockpit view - yikes!!!

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  • xTheDarkLightxxTheDarkLightx Member, Drivers Pit Crew

    I have played it for a while and think it deserved some more effort as it has amazing potential but instead you can only do challenges which aren't that entertaining after a while. It is beautiful for a tablet racer but no cockpit view and only a birds eye view sort off helicopter cam thing reduces visibility too. Overall not worth £2.99

  • anuragit2005anuragit2005 Member New Car Smell
    Wow, I didn't even know a mobile game existed for F1 !!!! When I checked the App Store, I found that it cost about $2.99 and passed up on it as I saw no cockpit view - yikes!!!
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