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GRID Autosport crash after 10-15 minutes in-game

After launching the game, I could play in about 10 to 15 mins until the game closes automatically with no alerts or crash warnings. No overheat, no ram shortage in addition
My specs: Windows 10 64-bit, NVIDIA GeForce gt 635m with latest driver 355.60, Intel core i5 3xxx, ASUS device
Thanks in advanced.


  • xplodrxplodr Member New Car Smell
    Same here
    Windows 10 64-bit, NVIDIA GeForce gtx560ti with latest driver 355.60, Intel core i3 550
  • JustJamie820JustJamie820 Member New Car Smell
    Autosport crashes like that here as well.  Temporarily adjusting the card through NvidiaInspector used to keep it from kicking me out, but even that doesn't stop it from happening now.
    My Specs:
    Windows 10 64-Bit, GeForce 930M (355.60 drivers), Intel Core i7-5500u, Intel Graphics Drivers that came with my computer to complement the NVIDIA card.  (I can't disable the Intel Graphics without everything gridning to a halt...the Intel graphics also got updated recently.)
    Am I missing any specs?
  • lilchrislilchris Member New Car Smell
    My Pc crashes the same usually after I have just finished a race, I get a  black screen. When I reload the game  I find the graphics have reverted back to 800x600, in windowed mode so it is probably gaphics related.
    Windows 7 Pro service pack 1. G force 970, Intel I7 4790K 4.ghz, Asus Maximus Ranger 7, Monitor Asus ROG 278Q 27" G-Sync.
  • lilchrislilchris Member New Car Smell
    I have loaded the latest Nvidia drivers(355.82)  and my gane has not crashed tonight, strange thing is G force experience set my resolution to 3620x2036 which is higher than the monitor default (2650x1440) which I find strange, I have reset it after playing.I will see how it plays again later.
  • Marvin120888Marvin120888 Member New Car Smell

    I'm new in this Forum.
    I had just the same issues as mentioned above. My Game Crashes after about 10 minutes or so.
    I played it 13 hours by now without any crashes at all.
    The only thing i changed since Game runes well to crash after 10 to 15 mins
    is the speed of the RAM to 2700MHz.

    My Specs:
    Win 10 Pro 64Bit
    I7 5820k @4.746GHz
    16gig ram
    gtx 980 ti sc (EVGA)

    @lilchris: The resolution of G force is set to a higher resolution for downscaling reason. Your Grafic Gard works with a higher resolution and calculates it down to the resolution of your monitor by interpolation. This makes a smoother and better looking of the game.

    I will change the speed of the ram an test it again.

  • foxedfoxed Member New Car Smell

    gridautosport same issues crash after 10 to 15 mins is there fix

  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion

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    'stating opinions as facts' or 'speaking for others.'
    #NeverPreOrder. It's outrageous that consumers have to BEG game companies to make games that reliably function properly. Consumers do NOT buy video games to waste their recreational time doing the unpaid work of paid professional testers. It's nonsense to imply game companies have no obligation to deliver games of consistently reliable functional quality just because "it's not easy & nothing is perfect & you can't please everybody." Company decision-makers listen to consumer spending, not consumer feedback; they don't care if it works properly as long as it SELLS, and every purchase is a vote of approval that helps fund more of the same. Money talks louder than requests & complaints. #VoteWithYourWallet

  • BRUNOSCBRUNOSC Member New Car Smell
    Guys i have the same problem...i think its win 10 problem...i have GRID 2 and AUTOSPORT...
  • garrote002garrote002 Member New Car Smell
    Hi guys.. i've the same problem.. i used to play normally in w8.. but after upgrade to w10 the game crashes after 10 minutes.. no error message. just close it. Help me!
  • gunpenggunpeng Member New Car Smell
    The same Prob for me.
    I cant play Grid 2 or  Grid Autosport.
    After 10-15 Min the Game goes down and restart or freez my System complete:
    My System Win 10 Pro
    • Intel Core i7-6700HQ Skylake
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M and Optimus with intern GPU Intel® HD Graphics 530 
    • 17,3 Zoll LED TFT 1920x1080
    • I use only SSD (no Harddrive)
    The game crashed with GTX 980m and HD Graphics 530 too.  On Steam there have a Lot the same prob, but no Solution will work for me.
    I think the cause is not the Grafic Card or driver.
    On Win 8 the games runs fine, why not with win 10?

  • YaghoubKhakiYaghoubKhaki Member New Car Smell
    Hi I have same Problem 

    Go to Task manager
    open services
    Find Touch Keyboard and Hand Writing....
    Stop this
    Now Play without any problem

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