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The DiRT Diaries


While the forums were down @Kickup opened up his diary and shared the story of how he and @JonTucker met and the tales from the various rally events they have competed in.

If you haven't read them they are well worth a read and you may find a few clues and hints buried in there somewhere.

Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 1 – Meeting Jon
Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 2 – Building the DiRT 3 Impreza
Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 3 – Neath and Grizedale
Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 4 – New Year, New Challenges
Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 5 – The Scottish Rally
Paul’s DiRT Diary Part 6 – End of the Road?

Take a read and let us know what you think, I'm sure if you have any questions about any of it Jon and Paul might be around to answer a few.

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