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Nebula Racing League Official Highlights.

Hey all My name is NorT i run Nebula Racing League and as of late we have been making race highlights of our Formula C and WTCC Races.

So if your interested heres the links!
Formula C - Season 2 
R.1 -  Brands Hatch

R.2 - Autosport Raceway

R.3 - Circuit of the Americas

R.4 - Spa 
Coming Soon!

WTCC - Season 4
R.1 - Autosport Raceway

R.2 - Circuit of the Americas
Coming Soon!

So yeah if you enjoy the content keep an eye on our channel. and leave a like,subscribe and leave in the comments who you think is gonna win :dizzy: 

thanks guys!


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  • oldmodeltoldmodelt Member Unleaded
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    Watched your round 2 video and liked it on YouTube.  But was disappointed in the bumper car type of racing.  Sort of a "buyer beware" kind of race.  Get out of my way or I'll force you to.  I saw a lot of decisions made that wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't be made in a RL situation.  If damage was on I'd have a great chance to win as I usually start from the back and would miss the carnage with my slow driving style.
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